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Adhere to the progress of each year, serious and practical.

People are dreaming and great, step by step forward.



2017 Partial Weakness Children's Welfare Activities


There are many business groups willing to help in the corner of the remote children but there are always some of the smallest corner, the most need help children are ignored.

We hoped that, for the smallest and weakest places, it will help children who need more money and use the most effective way to awaken other people's understanding of them and know their needs.


2016 Mask Charity Donations Donated The Aboriginal Children


This event is a response to environmental protection and care of Aboriginal remote areas of children's education, invited many artists to join the festivals of this hug hope, dream of love second-hand clothing sale activities.

Rita and the organizers co-organized, will be "LOVE" into the children of Taiwan's rural areas, in particular the introduction of "mask public welfare group", public welfare proceeds will be donated to Taitung County Cara Lurun Cultural Development Association, everyone together to embrace hope , Dream of love, hand in hand to help children.