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Shopping Instructions

After ordering, we will confirm your payment, send a payment to complete the notice to you to confirm the order was established. In order to protect your interests, you can apply for cancellation of orders before the shipping.

When you order a cross product or full offer, if you need to cancel the order, you must return all the items.


Ordering and Distribution

After the ordering process is completed, the goods will be shipped in 3 - 5 days. The specified date will be served on the 1 - 2 working days after shipment.

Shipping week from Monday to Friday, the weekends does not ship, if out of stock, flaws and other goods, will contact by phone or email.

Weekends and national holiday order and distribution: will be extended to normal working days.


Other delays

Due to specific activities, festive holidays may lead to increased shipments, we will announce the notice, and as far as possible in the normal delivery date to complete the shipment. If the order more, you may delay the completion of shipping 1-2 days.


● Credit card

● Pay-at-pickup service at convenience stores

● Pay at convenience stores

● ibon code

● ATM payment


● General delivery

● Pay-at-pickup service at convenience stores

● Pickup service at convenience stores

● Deliver from post office

Returns & Refunds

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